Build Deep Work Habits & Don't Allow Yourself To Get Distracted Online 

Martin Boeddeker

From the desk of Martin Boeddeker.

Altenbeken, Germany.

Dear Friend,


Everyone's talking about Deep Work, right?


We all know that constant distractions are one of the main things that kept holding you back from focusing on your most important work.


But what almost no one understands about Deep Work is setting up a system to this habits even when you don't feel like it.


It's NOT relying on willpower that helps you stop checking Facebook, watching videos on Netflix or Youtube or checking the latest news.


It's setting up a system that will prevent you from getting distracted in the first place.


A system that does not force you to quit Facebook, Youtube or your website of choice completely but a system that makes sure that you’ll finish your most important projects first.


Even after developing this FindFocus, it took me more than two years of trial and error to find a solution and workflow that allowed me to stay focused whenever I sit down at my computer.

That's why I added a special bonus when you try FindFocus today.


Bonus: My Proven Step-by-Step System That Will Prevent You From Getting Distracted

When you try FindFocus for $1 today you’ll not only getting access to the software, you’ll also get access to my step by step blue print for using FindFocus in a special membership area.

Why You Want To Pay $1 To Try FindFocus

You may be wondering why FindFocus is not free to test and requires you to pay a symbolic payment of $1 to try it for the first 14 days before committing to pay only $8.08/month (that $97/year) on an annual basis?


FindFocus is a software to precommit yourself.


I know you’ve probably tried other things in the past like relying on willpower or maybe even some other software tools and browser extensions.


When you try FindFocus today, you’ll make a tiny symbolic commitment to try the software within the next 14 before you are asked to paid the full price of $97/year. 


I guarantee if you follow my proven system you’ll save up to 96% of the time you are currently wasting online because you won’t allow yourself to get distracted any longer. That how Deep Work habits are build.

The BEST Thing is that you never have to turn off FindFocus because my unique approach does not require that you limit your flexibility.
(I’ll show how this works inside the membership area)



Don’t get lost again on the internet when you know you have more important things to work on and want to build deep work habits.




All the best


PS: FindFocus is not a side project. I’m 100% committed to helping you get the most out of FindFocus and your time. If you have any questions please let me know!

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On top of that we offer a full 14-day refund guarantee, 
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completely risk-free!

If you try FindFocus and you don't like it for any reason just send an email to before the 14 day trail ends. 

My personal thing is, I have these crazy set up on my laptop. I use this app called FindFocus. I turn it on whenever I need to focus. Really liking it.

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